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ZAPHYR for Teens!

We are so psyched to see how many cool teens love our crossbody phone case. We are discovering a whole new engaged crowd from 12 – 16 years who just love our phone cases.

We are just guessing why especially this group is actually catching up to our other customer segments. The crossbody phone case is just great to have your handsfree at all times. Teens are always carrying stuff and are always reaching for their phone cases. Instead of gluing the cases to their hands, we let them “wear” it.

Check it out on TIKTOK:

Great colors, great style. Teens obviously also like the fact that our crossbody phone cases have a great design, high-quality and the detachable strap. We have seen some crossbody phone cases, where the strap is ALWAYS attached to the phone case. That is so annoying.

With the ZAPHYR crossbody phone case you can easily remove the strap and just have a high-protective cover. It is a so simple! And a unique idea: the ZAPYHR 2-in-1 case.

By the way, their favorite ZAPHYR crossbody phone case is TAYLOR for guys (link) and AVA (link) for girls.

We are so happy to welcome the teens on board! Now we have a great tribe of customers ranging from 12 to 57 years and all genders. Thanks!

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