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How to use your Zaphyr necklace case/phone chain

Hi from us, Zaphyr necklace cases / phone chains

Our necklace cases / phone chains are designed and developed in New York City, USA and Düsseldorf, Germany. We believe that these necklace cases / phone chains will make your everyday life easier and better?

How will Zaphyr necklace cases / phone chains improve your everyday life?

  • Quick access and reachable at all time
  • No more rumoring in handbag while grocery shopping
  • Grocery shopping with your handsfree
  • Combined technology and fashion in one
  • Ideal for traveling
  • Perfect for a quick selfie or photo 
  • Amazing to be used at the beach

Boy with bike and Zaphyr necklace case grey

Out Zaphyr necklace cases / phone chains come in four colors: black, matte peach, grey and pink. If you rather dress casual and like a go-to color for every outfit, the grey or the black necklace case / phone chain if absolutely perfect for you. If you like summer outfits and wear light colors, try our matte peach or pink necklace case / phone chain! You will definitely not be disappointed with them.

They will be your everyday guide accompanying you during the day. If you are at home and just wand to put your smartphone on the table, you can easily detach the cord and just use our Zaphyr cases with our the cord.

Do you have any questions regarding our products?

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We are happy to assist?

Team Zaphy

Date: 12th of August 2020



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