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7 Ways to say I Love You

Zaphyr Valentin's day heart


The oldest known Valentine's Day message was written in 1477. Since then people celebrate the 14th February in many regions of the world. On that day we express our affection with greetings and gifts to the people that we love. 

Today Valentine's Day is not only about gifts but to create memorable moments and meaningful celebrations. Here are some ideas how you could fill the day with love and appreciation besides chocolate and flowers.

  1. How about cooking your loved ones favourite meal? It is a beautiful celebration and really shows the other one, how important that person is for you. The willingness to put effort into creating something the other one loves, can be the biggest gift. 
  2. Remind your family, friends or significant other that they are loved. It is really personal to write a letter or leave little notes somewhere or to just call them. Especially right now this is a great opportunity to show love, because many of us are not able to see their beloved ones during the pandemic. 
  3. Create a Zoom-Meeting to play Games or invite to a GroupWatch to see your favourite movies with your loved ones. This is the perfect way to connect with your loved ones, if you live far apart or because of restrictions. Laughing together always creates beautiful moments to remember. 
  4. If you want to get a gift, surprise your loved ones with something that is actually useful and does not go to waste. Support our vision to create a better world. Our biodegradable crossbody phone cases are unisex and fit every style and occasion. 
  5. Do activities like roller or ice skating, go on a hike, make a bonfire or visit a museum. We tend to forget how many leisure activities we can do in our local area because we are consumed by our everyday life. This is a great way to discover new hobbies that can be repeated in the future. 
  6. Do a theme night. The topic can be anything; a place you want to visit, movie universes or a past time period are just a few examples. This would be a great surprise and very intimate. It creates memories and lets your loved one live their dream for a couple hours.
  7. Create personalised gifts. This could be a self made bouquet or instead of chocolate, you could do their favourite cookies. Or maybe photographs that remind your family, friends or significant other of beautiful moments.

Valentine's Day isn't only for couples anymore. It is more an appreciation day for the people that you love. Appreciation does not come from expensive gifts but from little and personal experiences. So be creative and don't put the pressure of finding the perfect gift on yourself. 

We hope this inspires you to create a beautiful and special day for you and your loved ones.

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