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  • ZAPHYR for Teens!

    We are so psyched to see how many cool teens love our crossbody phone case. We are discovering a whole new engaged crowd from 12 – 16 years who jus...
  • About our phone cases

    With our phone cases / phone chains crossbody straps you have many advantages!
  • *NEW* iPhone 12 phone cases / phone chains

    Our phone cases / phone chains are available for all iPhone 12 models soon!
  • Autumn season with ZAPHYR phone cases phone chains

    After our successful launch of our elegant, new phone cases / phone chains we want you to find out more about our phone chain fashion tech accessory brand.
  • How to use your Zaphyr necklace case/phone chain

    Hi from us, Zaphyr necklace cases / phone chains Our necklace cases / phone chains are designed and developed in New York City, USA and Düsseldorf,...
  • Zaphyr accessoires necklace case launch

    Hi! We are ZAPHYR Studios - an accessory brand founded in the US to make peoples life easier everyday.